Annual Membership

The Annual membership is from January 1st, 2016 – December 31st, 2016.

Annual Membership Fee $125.00
Student Fee $25.00 Tamil School Registration


Honorary Membership

Overview: Provide an opportunity of outgoing SJTA members to continue association with SJTA.
1. Part of SJTA and will to attend all SJTA events just like regular members
2. Continue to be in SJTA group email
3. Will not be part of any Sub committee, teacher volunteer or any operating committee, however, if SJTA feels their support is needed, they can be involved
4. Family may participate in stage events as external guest; all the restrictions applicable for guest performers will apply
5. One time Fee $100
Eligibility: Associated with SJTA for at least 5 years and NOT an active member
Life Membership
Overview: To build the future strength of SJTA in the long run, need commitment from members.
Program: These members are like regular members. They will pay an one time fee $500. For life these members will not pay any annual fee to be associated with SJTA.
Eligibility: Associated with SJTA for at least 7 years .